Sunday, March 19, 2006

Is Ike the Next Buccaneer to Leave?

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Buccaneer Free agent receiver Ike Hilliard will visit the Texans this week. It seems that the Buccaneers are not interested in bringing the sure handed 3rd down receiver back for another year. First they allowed Joe Jurevicius to leave, now they are allowing Ike to leave.

I can not say that I am happy about this, I have met Ike and spent a few hours with him, I even got his autograph. This guys is a very good 3rd down and short yardage receiver, who should have gotten more balls thrown his way last season. It seems that he will get a nice offer from the Texans, and probably take it. So who will we be left with?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, I don't think losing Ike is that big of a deal, while I am a fan of his, I think that there are a few players capable of doing what he does. If the Texans offer him big money, we can't match it. Also I don't see anyway to contact you on the blog, if you could contact me at I would appreciate it