Friday, March 24, 2006

NFC South just became a Soap Opera.

Well I called that one right. Last Thursday I wrote an article called damn it I knew this is where he would go meaning the Panthers and today he did. Keyshawn Johnson or AKA Me-Shawn has reached agreement Thursday night with the Carolina Panthers on a four-year contract.

Fantasy wise this is great news for both Keyshawn and Steve Smith. Steve Smith, who has become the number one Fantasy Football Wide Receiver after last season just got better.

Now if you’re a Buccaneers fan this sucks. Now we will see this SOB twice a year. Now with Me-Shawn back in the NFC South expect ESPN as well as the NFL Network and NFL on Fox to bring up his public criticism of head coach Jon Gruden, about as much as they bring up the fact that we have never returned a kickoff for a touchdown in Buccaneer History.

However, the good news is that last time Keyshawn was in Tampa he did not go up against the number one defense. Lets see how he does this year when Derrick Brooks knocks him on his gluteus maximus.

Other NFL News:
The Patriots have made an informal inquiry regarding wide receiver Eric Moulds, who has been given permission by the Bills to seek a trade, according to the Boston Globe. This could be huge fantasy news for Moulds and Tom Brady.

Free agent kicker Mike Vanderjagt signed a three-year contract with the Cowboys on Thursday, ESPN reported. This is also big fantasy news if you think kickers are big news. However, this kicker is a good one, top tier as kickers go. He just has a chip on his shoulder. But this signing does make Dallas even better. With T.O. and Vanderjagt on the same team, here is where you fantasy points will come from for this team.

Here is one for my good buddy over at my opinion on sports. Wide receiver Chris Chambers predicted the Dolphins will play in the 2006 Super Bowl during a team awards banquet on Wednesday night. "They play the Super Bowl here next year," Chambers told the Miami Herald. "And I'll be damned if we're not the ones playing in our own stadium." I love this guy, man is there anyway we can trade and get Chambers in a Bucs uniform.

Buccaneer News:
The Bucs submitted a proposal to the league that would expand the scope of instant replay to include all penalties, reports the Tampa Tribune. The proposal will be considered by league owners at a meeting in Orlando next week. "We're offering the suggestion that all penalties that are called should fall within the realm of instant replay," general manager Bruce Allen told the Tribune. "We suggest any penalties that are called be subject to review. After reviewing hundreds of plays, we feel it's time to expand on instant replay, sine we have a system in place."

Even though the Bucs along with other teams have been screwed by the officiating this year. If the league switches to what the Bucs are asking, the game would last ummmm about twelve hours. But then again I don’t do anything on Sundays but watch the Bucs and football.

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dolphinfan said...

Good call on Johnson! I really thought he was heading back to the AFC.

As for Chambers I hope they can back it up. With Daunte they finally have the offense but I am worried about the defensive secondary.