Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Salary Cap for all 32 NFL Teams....

This is what ESPN is reporting for March 01, 2006 in the amount of money each team is under or over the $92 Million salary cap. This does not include the salaries of restricted and exclusive-rights players. Here what is crazy, we know that the Bucs are as much as $19 million over the cap so I am not sure if these other figures are correct or not. But like I said this is what ESPN reported.

Under the salary cap Team Cap status (under)
Minnesota Vikings
$24 million

Arizona Cardinals
$21.8 million
Cleveland Browns
$21.5 million

Green Bay Packers
$21 million

San Francisco 49ers
$17.4 million
San Diego Chargers
$17.1 million

Jacksonville Jaguars
$14.2 million

Philadelphia Eagles
$14.2 million

Baltimore Ravens
$11.9 million

Detroit Lions
$10.6 million
St. Louis Rams
$10.6 million

Seattle Seahawks
$9.5 million

Cincinnati Bengals
$9 million
New Orleans Saints
$8.2 million
Chicago Bears
$7.8 million

Houston Texans
$4 million

New York Giants
$3.3 million

Buffalo Bills
$2 million

New England Patriots
$1.5 million

Over the salary cap Team Cap status (over)
Oakland Raiders
$26 million
Miami Dolphins
$21.9 million

Kansas City Chiefs
$20.7 million

Tennessee Titans
$18.7 million

Washington Redskins
$17 million
Denver Broncos
$16.4 million

Carolina Panthers
$12.7 million

Atlanta Falcons
$11.7 million
New York Jets
$11.1 million

Indianapolis Colts
$9.4 million

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
$8.7 million

Pittsburgh Steelers
$7 million

Dallas Cowboys
$1.2 million


dolphinfan said...

Sweet mother! The Dolphins are 21.9 million over the cap and have no talent at qb.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I know, but like I said I think some of these numbers could be wrong. ESPN only has the Bucs over by 8 million, but it is reported by the Bucs at 19 million.

Hopefully the Dolphins number is wrong and it is a lot less.