Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bucs Resign Chris Simms........

Today, the Buccaneers and QB Chris Simms agreed to a one-year contract. This is good news for this year, but next year Simms is expecting his payday. According to ESPN, NFL, and the Tampa Tribune, The Buccaneers made a tender offer to Simms for one year worth $2 million dollars, which would make him a restricted free agent, and if any team tries to sign him they would owe the Bucs a 1st and 3rd round draft pick, not to mention the Bucs have the right to match the offer first. Coach Jon Gruden and are saying this is not a one tender, but a one year contract and nobody can sign Simms until next season. So now this won't happen, Simms is a Buc for another season. Maybe next year the Glazers can give him a crazy contract since there will be no salary cap.

Simms and Coach Gruden where available at a press conference at team headquarters which was carried live on Simms said that he was the starter going into the season, with Coach Jon Gruden sitting right there.

"It's great just going into offseason workouts knowing that I am the starter and
the organization is looking to me," Simms said.

I got to listen to Chris Simms interview with the Buccaneers Radio Network, he was promised the starting postion. The Bucs are now his team no matter what Griese does. This is great news, because I think we are better with Simms as our QB then Griese. If you listen the plan sounds like the Buccaneers did not have the money to give him a huge contract, so they offered him a one year deal so nobody could take him, I bet the Bucs plan on paying him huge next year with no Salary Cap to hurt the Bucs.

In other Buccaneer salary cap news, Derrick Brooks' agent has said he will be willing to restructure the linebacker's deal, which has him set to cost $11.7 million against the salary cap. Booger McFarland's agent Karl Bernard also told the Bucs he would restructure. And the Bucs were speaking with Simeon Rice and Shelton Quarles about trying to reduce their 2006-07 salaries.

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