Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some Bucs, NFL, and Blog Updates.

I have done some thinking and I have decided that this blog will primarily be a Buccaneer Blog of course. However, I will start include all NFL, and fantasy football news to this blog. I have already changed for 3rd time my blog template. The left side bar will be for the Bucs and the right side bar will be for the NFL and other teams. I am doing this for a few reason:
  1. Although I am a huge Bucs fan with season tickets, and my 4th bedroom is a buccaneer room, to include red and black painted walls, I still love the NFL.
  2. I am a huge fantasy football guru and this gives me more to write about.
  3. Not all my readers care about the bucs, so hopefully you will find stuff on your team here as well and feel more like leaving a comment.

So what do you think about the new blog?


Free-agent quarterback Brian Griese has agreed to a five-year deal with the Chicago Bears. I am so happy this guy is gone. I have never really been a fan of his. I was not happy when Brad Johnson was benched and Simms came in only to be injured, which gave Griese his moment in the spotlight. Griese could not make it in Miami, and if he was not injured this past season, he was going to be benched by Coach Gruden.

All I have to say is that in 1987, we had a Hall of Fame Quarterback and did not know it. We traded Steve Young to the 49ers and we all know the rest of the story. Now the year is 2006 and we resigned Chris Simms for another season. Maybe this is our Hall of Fame QB, then again maybe not. At least now we can find out.

Bucs resigned Tight End Dave Moore on Tuesday. He is in line to play his 13th season as a Buccaneer, which would be a new franchise record. Dave Moore is another beloved Buccaneer and best friend to Mike Alstott. For those that do not know Dave Moore and Mike Alstott are co-owners of which is located just off Clearwater Beach.

It is a very nice restaurant where famous people have been known to eat at, such as Hulk Hogan. Who is also a huge Buccaneer fan and even a season ticket holder.

In other Buccaneer news San Francisco 49ers free agent fullback Fred Beasley visited One Buccaneer Place Tuesday.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Seneca Wallace will visit One Buccaneer Place on Wednesday, according to NFL Network. Wallace, who is a restricted free agent, is entering his fourth season in the NFL. The Bucs can only acquire the 5-foot-11, 196-pound quarterback if they sign him to an offer sheet that the Seahawks refuse to match. In return for Wallace’s services, the Seahawks would receive the Bucs’ fourth-round draft pick.


Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is retiring from the NFL after 16 years in July.

"Paul has been an outstanding commissioner," Bucs owner and president
Malcolm Glazer said in a statement released by the team. "His leadership has
guided the league to unimaginable heights. Most importantly, he never forgot to
remind us that it was the fans and the game that should always come first."

Tagliabue has been in charge since 1989, when he succeeded Pete Rozelle,
Some of Tagliabue accomplishments are:
  • Television contracts1990: Four-year, $3.6 billion contract (Inflation Value: $5.35 billion)2006: Contracts with four networks and DirecTV spanning as much as eight years is now worth $23.91 billion
  • Gross League Revenues1990: $1.1 billion (Inflation Value: $1.63 billion)2006: $5.8 billion
  • Franchise ValueTeam worth the most:1991: Miami Dolphins, $205 million, Financial World Magazine estimate (Inflation Value: $289 million)2005: Washington Redskins: $1.3 billion, Forbes estimate.
  • Sponsorship Price To Be An Official NFL Sponsor:1990: $200,000 to $5 million2006: Gatorade pays $45 million per year, Sprint pays $120 million a year.
  • Super Bowl CommercialPrice of a 30-second ad:1990: $700,0002006: $2.5 million

Ex-Buccaneer GM Rich McKay is on the short list to replace Tagliabue. Who do you think should be the new Commissioner? Would this spell DOOM for Jon Gruden, since the two did not get along and Gruden is accused of running McKay out of town?

Keyshawn Johnson is once again headed to the BIG APPLE, but this time it is with the Giants. If the numbers are right, he could sign with the Giants. Keyshawn thinks the Giants have a really good team and could contend for the Super Bowl. Besides, he loves the New York stage.

Unrestricted free agent Adam Vinatieri, who provided the winning field goals in two of the New England Patriots' three Super Bowl victories, has reached a contract agreement in principle with the Indianapolis Colts.

The Bills have given wideout Eric Moulds permission to seek a trade, according to Moulds has refused the team's attempts to renegotiate his contract several times and would count $10.8 million against the cap next season, which would be the last of his current deal.

The Jets finally got rid of disgruntled defensive end John Abraham on Tuesday. ESPN's Len Pasquarelli reports Gang Green shipped their franchise player to the Falcons in a three-way deal that netted them the 29th pick in April's draft, which had belonged to the Broncos. Denver shipped that pick and two middle-round picks, one in 2006 and a second in 2007, to Atlanta in exchange for the 15th overall pick.

The Jaguars re-signed former tackle Tony Boselli to a one-day contract, after which the five-time Pro Bowler announced his retirement. Boselli left Jacksonville via the expansion draft, but he never played a down for the Texans because of chronic shoulder problems. The Jaguars plan to induct Boselli as the first member of their Ring of Honor this season.


The Armchair Quarterback said...

Just like your old look, your new look still makes Pewter Pirates one of the best technically done sites out there. I like your idea to include other NFL stuff. It does have a broader appeal. But I also like that you'll be maintaining a Buc flavor. If I want to know what's happening with Tampa I click here first.

Benny said...

I understand you trying to branch out so you have more things to write about.

I do like you layout. There is alot of info on the sidebars but they're spaced nicely so it's not all cramped.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

thanks armchais and benny. As I am a frequent reader of both of your blogs.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

oops I mean armchair not armchais typo.

Benny said...

Thanks man. I added you to my sidebar just so you know.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Thanks Benny

dolphinfan said...

Hey, I like the new layout and the idea of more NFL coverage. Looking good!

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Thanks dolphin fan, hey bro check back, I am going to do an article about your new QB.

JD said...

Yea, i havn't been around for a LONG time.. i have been really buisy with work and travel, i hope i have the time to write in the near future, don't give up on me.
also congrats on expanding the website. it'll give the site a new dimention.

Anthony said...

Hey man, just started my own Bucs page and I love your layout. I am not good with html, any tips you can give me? I don't want to copy you, but I have some ideas myself and just don't know how to implement them.