Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Aaron Brooks agrees on two-year deal with Raiders.

Aaron Brooks can now hold his head up, the former New Orleans starter released last week after the Saints signed Drew Brees, has reached agreement with the Oakland Raiders on a two-year contract.

It is believed that Brooks will be getting close to $4-5 million per year. This is a nice payday for Brooks.

I think the Raiders made the right move. First they released a 33 year old quarterback (Kerry Collins), who was not worth the $9.2 Million they would have had to pay him.

Second they waited on the quarterback situation and did not make any crazy $60 million dollar deals (Drew Brees) to other free agent quarterbacks. Having the seven pick in the upcoming draft, and a real chance at drafting Vince Young, they played it smart.

Brooks, who is 29, is still young enough to have several productive seasons. He is a proven starter, and sure his numbers were down last year, but his goto guy Joe Horn was hurt for most of the season. Brooks may not be one of the elite quarterbacks in the league, but he can run, and can throw a long ball. He has been a starter for a number of years, and now he has Randy Moss. mmmmmmmmm This could be a sleeper pick for quarterback, what do you all think?

That said, he was arguably the best starting-caliber quarterback still available in the free agent pool. I was hoping the Bucs might sign him as a back-up. However, we could not afford the $4-5 million he is getting. Besides Chris Simms is not even getting $4 million this season. Anyway if you play fantasy football and are in a keeper league and you don't have one of the two top tier Qbs, Peyton Manning or a hurt Carson Palmer and by the time you pick the other good name qbs, such as Culpepper, Brady and McNabb are gone, remember Brooks has got Randy Moss, this could be a big sleeper.


dolphinfan said...

What does this mean for Vince Yong? Almost every team in the top 10 picks who needed a qb has addressed the situation except for the Titans and I think they are going to select Leinart.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Yes you are right my friend, but I think the Raiders might just take Young. My thoughts are Brooks is a starter for one year and Young takes over next year. Brooks would either be the backup or cut.