Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bucs Draft Day Party.

This is free Advertising for the Buccaneers, as a season ticket holder and a loyal fan, I miss nothing to do with the Bucs. I go to every fan fest, father and son day, training camp, The Offical Season Kickoff Party by Miller Lite, and the private Super Bowl Book Signing.

As I have mentioned I run a fantasy football league and I throw a huge NFL Draft party, except for last year. Last year I went to this Buccaneer Draft Party at Raymond James. I took my son and wife and we all had a great time. I got pictures taken of my son with the Cheerleaders, Captain Fear, and even Big Nasty was there. It was free, in the air condition, and a load of fun. As always food and Beer was expensive, but you already know that going to a NFL event. It was great to hear the Fans to include myself roar when the Bucs selected Cadillac Williams with the number 5 pick overall as we watched it on the HUGE VIDEO WALLS, what an experience. However, this year I will stay home and hold my annual draft party for my fantasy league. But if you are in the bay area and can go to the Buccaneer Draft Party, it is a must.

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