Monday, March 06, 2006

Buccaneers Resign Chris Hovan.

Well the Buccaneers took a huge step towards returning to the Super Bowl and keeping the NFL's 1st place defense together by resigning defensive tackle Chris Hovan.

Hovan, who is a six year veteran resurrected his NFL career in Tampa this past season. Hovan was a first round draft pick in the 2000 draft taken by Minnesota Vikings, who played right into the starting line-up. However, when Hovan hit free agency, the Vikings did not want to resign him.

The Buccaneers took a chance on signing him for the base salary of $540,000. After one season with the Bucs, he helped the Bucs do something they have not been able to do, that is stop the run. Today Chris Hovan earned his paycheck, and a nice future with the Buccaneers with a 5 year $17.5 million contract.

According to Hovan's teammates:

"Defensive end Simeon Rice and linebacker Derrick Brooks, cited
Hovan's presence as a factor in the improved performance of the front seven."

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