Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Have We Seen the End?

The year is 1996 and I am at Houlihan's Stadium for the Buccaneer’s fan fest. Tony Dungy just walked past me on the field, and I was able to get his autograph. The announcer come on and says Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans let me direct your attention to the North center stage at number 40, taken in the 2nd round of the 1996 NFL Draft from Purdue, Tampa Bay Buccaneer fullback, MIKE ALSTOTT. Yes, I was there. I heard his first speech ever as a Buccaneer. This rookie would soon become the most popular player in franchise history.

After 11 season, 6 Pro Bowls, 5,088 rushing yards, and a franchise record of 58 touchdowns, will 2006 be Mike Alstott’s last year? Well according to the Tampa Media. YES!.

“A decision on Alstott's future could be forthcoming. .”

No matter what happens Dogra and Alstott has said that Mike will not move to another team. Alstott’s home is in the Bay Area and he will not move his family. It seems it’s the Bucs or nothing for this great player and community leader. We as fans love number 40, and would love to see him back for another year. I find it sad that after Alstott, Brooks and Barber are gone, the Bucs we know and love for all these years will be over.

No matter what happens, Thank You, Mike for all these great memories, in my opinion you truly are the best Buccaneer to ever wear the uniform and play the game. When you time comes if it is this season or next, you will be missed.
I just wonder what could have been if Coach Dungy would have never been fired and how many Pro-Bowls Mike would have gone to. I know he will probably never make the Hall of Fame, but I think he should. He was truly an amazing player, and his stats show that. It was not until Gruden took over that Mike's number faded. " Mike Alstott is a fullback and he knows his role on this team." YADAYADA YADA, and you wonder why you are 4-12.

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