Sunday, January 21, 2007

Congratulations to House, The Best Show on TV

Congratulations to Hugh Laurie
Golden Globe Award Winner for Best Actor, Drama!

This is by far the best tv show on television. House, is my favorite show. Hugh Laurie, who plays Dr. Gregory House, a no bedside manner dr., who is a brilliant diagnostician whose unconventional thinking and flawlwss instincts saves lives and affords him respect.

HOUSE has received an Emmy Award for creator and executive producer David Shore (Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series) and a Golden Globe Award for Hugh Laurie (Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series) and, most recently, an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series. In its second season, the show was honored by the American Film Institute as one of the TV Programs of the Year and received the Peabody Award for Best of Electronic Media in 2005 and the 2006 Humanitas Prize, honoring Shore.

If the show is this good, which I agree it is, why does Fox make it take a back seat to American Idol. Fox has two of the best shows on TV, why not use them on different nights against the other line-ups. Instead every season House goes off the air for the first two weeks of American Idol. Yes, it really pisses me off. Anyway if you have never seen the show, watch it, it is the best show on today.


deadissue said...

The Wire on HBO is the best show on TV hand's down. I dig House, but these awards seem to be handed out via blindfold and dartboard most years.

deadissue said...

And on your comment concerning American Idol...I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure I've got it right...that American Idol is a record breaking draw at over 30 million viewers for those first two episodes. To put this into perspective, I'd imagine that House or any other show on prime time on ANY network channel doesn't even come close to those numbers.

So the strategy is to basically treat the goldmine that Idol is as if it were the super bowl...and in the money side of that game, it certainly is!

dritte said...

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