Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Dungy Coaching Tree.

After you look at this, I hope you find yourself wondering as I do, WHY THE HELL DID THE GLAZERS FIRE TONY DUNGY.

We know the sugar coated answer, but what has Gruden done to keep his job? Congratulation to Coach Dungy, for taking his team to the Super Bowl "again". This is surely a day that Gruden never wanted to see. Because now we know that Gruden took Dungy’s Buccaneers to the Super Bowl, and Coach Dungy does have what it takes to get to the big game. It might be Gruden who does not have what it takes.

Anyway here it is the Tony Dungy Coaching Tree and it is impressive.

Lovie Smith, Head Coach of the Bears, and besides Dungy became the first of Dungy’s coaches to reach the Super Bowl,

Herm Edwards, Head Coach of the NY JETS and Chiefs

Rod Marinelli, Head Coach of the Lions

Most recently another Dungy disciple, Mike Tomlin, was named head coach of the Steelers.
Tomlin became the fourth new head coach to sprout from the coaching tree that was planted in Tampa, and one who has watched it grow couldn't hide his enthusiasm Monday.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Look, I love Tony Dungy just as much as the next Bucs fan. Maybe more. And I'm no huge fan of the Glazer ownership, but let's not forget winning that Super Bowl.

Yes, I know it was Tony's team, but Gruden got it done.

I really don't mean to take anything away from Dungy by saying that, but still... Super Bowl XXXVII.

Cutthroat Pirates said...


It sounds like you are ripping Dungy. The Glazer have done a lot for the Bucs, I been there during Hugh Culverhouse era, and living in the bay area, and following the Bucs as I do, I hear so much that you don't get up North. The Bucs radio network has players on it all the time, and I tell you Brooks even said don’t expect him back this season (07) if Gruden returns. That says a lot. I am sure he will be back, but for you leader to say that speaks volumes. It is now proven that Gruden’s Super Bowl win was Dungy's team. Dungy's playoff record vs Grudens playoff record speaks volumes. I was a kool-aid drinker of Gruden’s, until I got food poising this season and no more. HE MUST GO. A close friend associated with the Bucs has also told me that this is more then likely his last season. His contract ends this season and they will part ways nicely. Unless of course he takes us to the big game again, and we all know that won’t happen.

I will give Gruden some slack, he has never really had money to build this team the way he wanted it, and he lost a lot of draft picks to bring him here, and when he first got here we still were recovering from brining in Keyshawn, which draft picks were lost.

So when it is all said and done this off-season, and Rice is let go or traded, they expect to have over 40 million, Jeff Garcia, and a lot of draft picks. So we shall see what Gruden and Bruce Allen do then. But watch out for next season, because the talk here in Tampa is the Glazers have already started working on bringing in Bill Cowher. Who I think is one of the best coaches ever, besides Belichick. I don’t know if the Glazers can pull it off, but it is reported that Cowher is taking this season off, and will return next season to the NFL. They say he wants to move to Florida to retire, so Miami and the Bucs are already both working on acquiring him. Only time will tell.

Sorry it took me so long to respond, Nursing school is kicking my butt the studing that is.

Anonymous said...

I think it's fair to criticize Gruden for the Bucs underachieving since the Super Bowl. I think it's also fair to say he won with "Dungy's team." But in Gruden's defense, if you make that claim, then the Raiders team the Bucs beat to win the Super Bowl could only fairly be called Gruden's team, and look where the Raiders have gone since he left.