Thursday, March 01, 2007

Alstott's New Deal and More Bucs News.

Mike Alstott fan favorite will return to the Bucs for his 12th season. Mike Signs new deal Thursday.

"The Buccaneers’ six-time Pro Bowl fullback is coming back for another season
after agreeing to a new contract on Thursday. Alstott will be adding a 12th year
to a career that has spawned countless lasting images not only for the Bucs
walls but for the minds of just about every Tampa Bay fan since 1996."

Overall this is good news for Bucs fans and season ticket holders like myself. It is always the best move for a fan to see one of the greatest Buccaneer of all time play the game, but I am not sure over all this is a smart move for the Bucs. Sure $21 million under the cap they can afford this fan favorite and keep the pressure of the fans off the organizations back. However, is this really a smart move? He is a great football player, but Gruden won't use him the way he should be used, and lets not forget his blocking does Cadillac no favors. So does this help the Bucs, I say yes, because of locker room leadership, but no as for a key player on this offense. Cadillac needs a Lorenzo Neal type fullback, which Sowell, Jerald brings to the table. Sowell has helped Curtis Martin reach 1,000 yard mark on more then one occasion.

Bucs also finally did something they should have done two years ago, the cut a penalty making poor excuse for an offensive line men in Kenyatta Walker.

Another sad peice of news that the Bucs are reporting is that Shelton Quarles is more then likely going to retire before the 07 season. My wife and I met Mr. Quarles My wife and I with Quarles., He is a very nice gentleman, and will be missed. However, I am ready to see Barrett Rudd in action full time.
Some thing I found interesting, is that the mock drafts for the 07 NFL Draft has the Bucs now picking Joe Thomas. Before it was Calvin Johnson. I think if Thomas is on the board you take him. However, Detroit will more then likely take Thomas. But I am intrigued with Johnson as well.
Breaking News, once again you heard it hear first. Garcia will sign a two year deal with the Bucs reported worth $5 million per season. Bucs radio network reported this info this afternoon. He is old, but he is a lot better then Simms could ever be. Calvin Johnson then would be a nice fit for the Bucs.

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