Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Is Randy Moss a Buc.

Bruce Allen was on the Bucs Radio Network this morning at 0600 hours, and the Bucs are now officially in the hunt for Randy Moss. The Bucs, Patriots, and the Jets and Green Bay are all seeking trades for Moss. This could be huge breaking news in days to come.

More Breaking news, it seems Plummer will not retire and will land in Houston. The deal is still being worked out according to both teams.

The Bucs allegedly have signed Kansas City free agent offensive tackle Jordan Black, who visited the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today. We will see if the reports coming from the Bucs Radio Network are true. If so they are really fixing the O line this offseason.

Here is some of Bruce Allen with Dan Sileo on the Bucs Radio Network:
Allen On Plummer:
"Bucs own the rights to Plummer. It was an out right trade. Jake has not filed
for retirement. There is no doubt that getting these qbs has given us options,
but we hope Jake will play for the Bucs. It will sort itself out over the next
few days."
Allen On Signing Petitgout:
"The starting qb will be decided later, we had a very young offensive line, and
we are trying to get better at pass protection. The plan was to
bring in one veteran and we were able to do that. He broke his leg last season,
but the doctors have assured me that he is ready to play."
Allen On Draft and Calvin Johnson:
He dodge the question, but said Johnson would be a huge playmaker.
Allen On Randy Moss:
Refused to talk about him at this time due to being under contract with another
Allen On Kevin Carter:
"He is versatile and has never played less than 76% of the snaps as a DE until he
went to Miami. He is a great guy, a real leader. "
Allen On Rice:
"He is not going anywhere, he is almost back to 100% and he is pushing for
Plummer to come to Tampa. He is friends with Plummer and played with Plummer
with the Cardnials. He thinks he will be a great fit here in Tampa. He is in
high spirits now. "
Allen On last years problems:
"Both on passing, QB for us was bad and QB against us were great they averaged
90% for a QB rating, which is unheard of with a Bucs Defense. We are fixing both of these problems this offseason."

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Anonymous said...

I am a long time Buccaneer fan. But, if Allen/Gruden are desperate enough to bring the child-like behaving Randy Moss to Tampa, I'll be done with 'em!!!! I'm not tuning in each week to watch that circus. We've already been through the QB merry-go-round. We don't need to bring in the "fairy" wheel!!!
We have to stop the two-headed monster that is Gruden/Allen.