Sunday, March 04, 2007

I told You Garcia signed.

This is an upgrade, and I am happy with it. Now at least when I am sitting in my seats as a SEASON TICKET HOLDER, I can watch a real quarterback.

Ski has changed his best bucs blog site, so here is his new site. It is only fair Ski.


Ian C. said...

Hey, CP. Glad to see your comment on my blog. When I saw that the Bucs signed Garcia, I wanted to know what you thought. (And I'm glad you like the Lions' signing of Dewayne White.)

What I'm curious about, however, is a Bucs fan's perspective on the overall QB situation. For instance, had they not been so hasty in cutting Brian Griese last year, would the Garcia signing have been necessary?

At the time, I understand why Griese was cut. He had the knee injury, he had a big salary, and Simms looked good. But in hindsight, I'm wondering what the general sentiment is now.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Well down here in Tampa, the fans call in to the Buccaneer Radio Station and they want Grudens head, they hate Simms, and wish Griese was still here, however these same fans wanted Simms over Griese. Just as they wanted the Rookie Gradkowski to start over Simms.

I for one am not a huge Griese fan, I was upset when the Bucs let Brad Johnson go for Griese. I also at this point in time don't really care for Simms either. However, he is young and could be as good as his father. so if we let him go will it be another Steve Young Situation for the Bucs.

As for Garcia, I love it. Gruden went after him two years ago, and he should have signed him then, but he didn't. I don't kow if you recall, but there was a big article about Gracica's dad telling the media that his son was signing with the Bucs. However, we all know he went to the eagles. So now at 37 we have a real quarterback, but for how long at least for two years.

So to answer your question fans are giving up and calling in the radio stations pissed off at Gruden, most think that he does not know what he is doing.

I hope he does know what he is doing. But like I said, I am happy with the Garcia signing.