Monday, December 19, 2005

NFC Divisional Playoffs Update:

The NFC Playoff picture to date:
Well for me it all revolves around the Bucs of course, so after their horrible lost this week here is where they stand. Over all this week was a good week for the Bucs and the playoff picture. The two bad things that happened this week was the Bucs lost, but at least it was to an AFC team and not an NFC team. The other bad thing that happen was the Panthers won. They are now alone again at the top of the division.

Here is the break down:

1)NFC WEST:12-2 Clinched Division Title/First Round Bye.

2)NFC NORTH:10-4

3)NFC SOUTH:10-4

4)NFC EAST:10-4

5)NFC South:9-5

Washington at 8-6 would fill the six seed if the Playoffs started today, due to a better Division and Conference record.

The other teams fighting in order of Conference strength is:
Dallas 8-6
Atlanta 8-6
Minnesota 8-6

This week Atlanta lost to Chicago which helped the Bucs. The Bucs face Atlanta Saturday, December 24th, 2005 at Raymond James Stadium. With a Bucs win, it could eliminate the Falcons from Post Season.

Dallas lost to Washington which helps the Bucs out, due to the fact that they beat the Skins, plus it knocked the Cowboys down a game.

Minnesota fell to the Steelers. This also helped the Bucs since the Bucs lost this week. Minnesota was a hot team going into this weeks game, a lost sets them back a game behind the Bucs.

Important Post Season games for the Week 16:

1) Atlanta @ Bucs. A Bucs win would put them at 10-5 and secure a playoff spot.

2) Dallas @ Panthers. Go Cowboys- A Panther lost would give the Bucs 1st place again in the NFC SOUTH. It would also make the Cowboys 9-6 and put them in a tight race for the last wild card spot.

3)Giants @ Washington. Big game for Washington. A win would make them 9-6 and should help them get into the playoffs. The NFC is going to go to the 17 week before anything is for certain.


dolphinfan said...

Okay there is still hope. If the Dolphins run the table and team A beats team B and then team C loses by more than 42 points to team D the Dolphins are in unless team E ties with team F.

Who am I fooling? It's college basketball time, but I am still eyeing that Patriots game on the 1st. It will be a statement game for next season.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

This is true, I was hoping the Dolphins would pull on out. I think next year Sage should be the QB.

dolphinfan said...

Could we please make Sage the quarterback this week? I won't hold my breath.