Thursday, December 08, 2005

NFC Divisional Playoffs Update:

Well it would seem that the Buccaneers Organization are making post season plans. I just received my invoice for my playoff tickets from my season tickets. WOOOOOOO. Now I just pray we will make the post season. Which I think we will.

NFC PLAYOFF SEEDS: (After week 13)

1)NFC WEST:10-2 clinched division title



4)NFC EAST:8-4


6)NFC EAST:7-5

This is the NFC GAME OF THE WEEK: This game has real NFC Playoff Implications. The NFC SOUTH DIVISION is still up for grabs and the Panthers are one game ahead of the Buccaneers. If the Buccaneers win this Sunday, they take over the 1st place spot in the NFC SOUTH: due to NFC Conference record.

The playoff race in the NFC is starting to become much more clear after 13 weeks. The Seattle Seahawks are in the playoffs and clinched division title.

Chicago's eight-game winning streak has given them a two-game division lead. The Bears play three of their last four games on the road in tough environments (at Pittsburgh, vs. Atlanta, at Green Bay, at Minnesota). If the Bears can win three of their last four games to get to 12-4, they most likely will gain a first-round bye as they have a win in hand over Carolina and would have a strong conference record.

Carolina needs to win at home this week against the Bucs. This would keep Carolina alive in the race for a first-round playoff bye, and give Carolina the clear lead in the division.

Giants obviously took a big step toward a division title last weekend with their victory over Dallas. If the Giants can beat the Eagles this week, they will guarantee that Dallas can't beat them in division record.

The Tampa Bay at Carolina game this week most likely will determine if this division race will go down to the end of the season. Carolina has head-to-head wins against Tampa Bay and Atlanta in hand and has a decent conference record advantage. If Carolina wins this week at home, that should lock up the division for the Panthers as they would have a two-game lead and a season sweep on Tampa Bay and at least a two-game lead on Atlanta. However, if Tampa Bay can win at Carolina, that would change EVERYTHING. The Buccaneers would be tied overall with Carolina at 9-4, they would have a season split with the Panthers and would have an advantage in division record (3-1 vs. 2-2) and conference record (7-3 vs. 6-3). Bottom line: a Tampa Bay win would change the division race from one clearly in Carolina's court to one where the Bucs control their own destiny and Atlanta likely would be only one game behind.

The Cowboys need to win games, especially the Week 15 division game at Washington. Problem is, Dallas' remaining schedule is a little rougher than New York's (vs. Kansas City, at Washington, at Carolina, vs. St. Louis).

I think my Bucs can pull of two more wins this season which would make them 10-6 and should guarantee them a playoff spot. This weeks game will be the toughest game of the four remaining games. The good news is that it looks like Carolina's defensive ends Julius Peppers and Mike Rucker might miss this game. If this happens, this changes everything and the Bucs might walk away with this game. I know one thing is for sure, if Peppers is out Kenyta Walker will sleep a little better Saturday night.

GO BUCS: Always have faith in your team, WIN, LOSE OR DRAW.


The Armchair Quarterback said...

I got to say dude, you put together a really well designed site. This week's game is huge for the Bucs. I picked the Panthers because I'm not totally sold on Simms yet. (Then again I sometimes feel the same way about Delhomme) But maybe Simms will change my mind. This game would be a big confidence booster if he can play well. If the Bucs can run it will help their passing game. It's two tough defenses and I think it will hinge on turnovers.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I agree with you armchair. I am worried about this weeks game. It just seems that Carolina has the Bucs number. Simms has what it takes to be a good maybe even great qb, but he also could end up being a waste of time. I think he is getting better ever week. I heard that the Jets are going to offer him crazy money after this season and the Bucs might not be able to match it and will be left with Griese (Scary).