Saturday, December 24, 2005


WOW! What a game. I think after this game my nerves are shot, my fingernails are gone and I need a drink. This was a great game. Once again Chris Simms silenced his critiques by playing posed and performing great under extreme pressure. Simms did have two interceptions, but still he remained a leader and took charge of this offense and executed the game winning drive (several times in fact). I think our future is now safe with Chris Simms. I know I was very hard on Simms and I even called for Rattay after Griese went down. However, I am reformed, and I am a Simms believer. The Buccaneers now need to find the money to resign him before he pulls a Steve Young on us and ends up in the Hall of Fame for another team.

What can you say about the rookie of the year?

Cadillac had 150 rushing yards and a touchdown in today’s game with the Falcons.

He also broke two Buccaneer records with his sixth one hundred yard game. The previous record was 5 one hundred yard games during a season. He also ran for over a thousand yards this season as a rookie (which is huge for a rookie) and he topped Errict Rhett’s old rookie team rushing record of 1,011 yards with 1,097 rushing yards with one game still remaining. He truly is the best running back the Buccaneers have ever had.

Thank You, Matt Bryant. What a kicker! Matt had a great 50 yard field goal kick today. Matt Bryant averted the second tie in franchise history by nailing a 41-yard field goal with 15 seconds left in overtime.

The Buccaneers are now once again in first place of the NFC South thanks to a Carolina loss by Dallas today. GO COWBOYS! If the Buccaneers win next week against the Saints (which will not be an easy task), the Buccaneers will be the NFC South division Champs. GO BUCS!

Just where I like Vick, on his back.

Rice destroying Vick, But he is a Pro Bowl QB, YEAH RIGHT!

The Buccaneers Defense played great during the OT drives stopping Vick, which allowed the Buccaneers to win the game. Once again, I think Vick is over rated, I think his Pro Bowl appearance is based off of his ability to run and not pass. But then again I just hate the Falcons and Vick.

Once again Jon Gruden is a genius and I hope the Bucs keep him for many years to come. Maybe now all the Nay Sayers will get off his back.

As promised my Caddy story is coming this week. I was waiting for him to break these records. He is by far my new favorite player in the NFL. I have passed that torch from Alstott, (who is still my favorite) to Caddy for the future.


Just in all the networks are talking about a Patriot and Buccaneer Super Bowl (GOD HELP US).


Ski said...

was there anything better than when the stadium announced the carolina-dallas score? it sounded like the bucs had scored a touchdown

dolphinfan said...

Merry Christmas to you as well. I'll be back on to the blogging this week.

The Armchair Quarterback said...

Congrats on your Bucs. Merry Christmas.

dolphinfan said...

Solid win by the Bucs. I actually picked Atlanta to represent the NFC in the Superbowl back in August. I sure missed that one!

On a side note the Dolphins have the longest winning streak in the NFL.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Thats great, I like the dolphins of course after the bucs. I think Coach Saben is going to be great for the Dolphins. I just wish Sage was the starting QB.

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