Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bucs News.

Tomorrow is the BIG COIN TOSS day to see where the Bucs will pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. They will either have the third pick or the fourth. It all comes down to a coin toss.

According to

"If Tony Dungy winning a Super Bowl was irksome to any current Buc fans,
then those fans should stop reading now. According to a report in Thursday's
Tampa Tribune, the Colts are one of three NFL teams that have interest in the
services of Mike Alstott.The Trib says that a report is circulating at the NFL
scouting combine in Indianapolis that the Colts are joined by Arizona and
Seattle in wanting to look at Alstott. Before that could even happen, the Bucs
might resign him but they haven't made any indications towards doing
that.Players who don't have new deals become free agents on March 2.Though
Alstott has not spoken yet on the matter, someone very close to him has and it
sounds like he's coming back. Alstott's wife Nicole told the Tampa Tribune Feb.
10 that the "A-Train" wants to keep playing."Mike has decided he wants to come
back in 2007 and play football," Nicole Alstott said. "Everybody loves to watch
him and he's still a fantastic football player."If that's true then it's up to
the Bucs to make it happen. Alstott's return could hinge on whether
the Bucs decide to offer him a contract for next season. The situation
could closely resemble what took place prior to last season when Alstott briefly
considered retiring. It ended with the fullback receiving a one year contract
for $1.5 million.Also, considering that Tampa is very thin at that position with
Jerald Sowell, who is expected to become a free agent, as the only other
fullback under contract.According to an email that Alstott's agent Jim Steiner
wrote to the Tampa Tribune, "He is a free agent, so we would have to negotitate
a new deal with the Bucs for him to return."

For those that truly believe Gruden wants Alstott back , you need to listen to the Bucs Official Radio Network, and the Mike Alstott show. Gruden has never really wanted Mike on the team, and it has been the Owner, who have stepped in and kept Mike. Gruden is famous for saying that he wants to keep players,l and then he allows them to get cut or leave. I heard him say he wanted Sapp back, and he wanted Lynch to be a Buccaneer, but he allowed they to leave. So don’t be surprised if we see number 40 in a different uniform. Now that Alstott is not under contract with the Bucs, and teams like the Seahawks or even Arizona, who has money to spend could afford Mike at a higher price then the Bucs would even be willing to offer. Besides, if Mike comes back it would not be advantageous for him, since we as fans already know his role in Gruden’s offense. Yes, I am a huge Alstott fan, and I have met him several time, and I have his autograph, but lets face it, I would rather see Mike in a Colts uniform, where he will be used and possibly could even return to the Pro-Bowl, and hell maybe he would make the playoffs too, lets face we won't. I also would rather see Jerald Sowell blocking for Cadilliac. Lets not forget that Curtis Martin was a 1,000 yard back ever season with Sowell blocking for him.
In other Buccaneer news, Lovie Smith has offered Hardy Nickerson a coaching job with the Bears. This would be a great move for the once beloved Buccaneer Linebacker. I have chanted his name "HARDY, HARDY" for years as a season ticket holder with the Ol-Sombrero.

The Bucs have completed their 2007 coaching staff with former North Dakota State Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash as defensive quality control coach.

The Bucs will return to Disney for their Training Camp. Now that I got a digital camera, I will be bringing photos from camp on here lets see other Bucs Blogs do that.

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